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Teaching Methodology  

Teaching Methodology


The DAV Masjid Moth nursery is an extension of the home in the real sense. Love and care envelop the new entrants as soon as they enter the portals of the school. Orientation programmes are held for new parents to brief them about the school ethos and curriculum. Through rhythmic activities, story telling, coloring, collage making , finger painting ,building with blocks, origami, flash cards and puppetry in the class room and outdoor activities like water play and sand play, swinging and sliding and climbing in the play area, personalities are gently shaped in the kindergarten.

Recognition of phonic sounds and vocabulary building, pre math concepts and hand and eye coordination activities prepare the children for Primary school.

Class 1 and 2

Special care is taken to strengthen motor abilities. Show and tell activities are used to enhance communication skills. Tangible and non tangible experiences  are given to develop sensory skills.

Music and Dance are introduced. Aesthetic sense is developed. Life skills are developed through good eating habits and values are inculcated through caring for plants, cleanliness drives, dress folding and shoe polishing activities and helping at home assignments. Good touch and bad touch are explained.

Vedic mantras are memorized by rote learning and children develop a sense of pride for their Aryan heritage. Birthday children are blessed by one and all.

 “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember it for life”.  Audio Visual aids and Smart Boards bring Digital technology to the classrooms and prepare the children to become future netizens. Computer is introduced. Assessment is comprehensive and done through innovative worksheets.

Class 3 to 5

The children are groomed to become responsible. Leadership opportunities are provided through monitor, buddy and prefect systems. Every child is put on stage during class assembly, national festivals, and school functions to overcome shyness and develop confidence. Moral Education is introduced in the syllabus and ingrained in the curriculum through value based activities and assignments.

Hands on learning techniques and project work suited to their age group  are used to promote concept building and learning for life.

Athletics, Taekwondo, Judo and Karate are introduced.

Recitation and story-telling activities are held. Class Library provides reading pleasure and moral education is imbibed through Panchtantra and Jatak tales.

Learning disabilities are identified and parents are involved at every stage. The School Teachers handles special cases with sensitivity.

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